Using Bio-based Materials for the Future

3D Printing Houses from Wood

What is PrinTimber?

PrinTimber is a project and a material. We are developing the science necessary to use 100% bio-based materials for the Advanced Housing Manufacturing Economy of the Future. We take minimally processed natural material waste products and turn them into 3D printed houses. Our process sequesters carbon, uses local materials, and results in a printed structure with a familiar wood feel – because it is wood. The PrinTimber Lab is on the cutting edge of printing with bio-based thermoset composites.

PrinTimber: Affordable Housing Using 3D Printed Construction Materials from Waste Wood
Mike Maughan

Meet PrinTimber Principal Investigator Mike Maughan

We started working on wood-based 3D printing in 2019 with the goal of helping America’s affordable housing crisis. I am also passionate about the environmental benefits of printing with bio-based materials instead of concrete. It is incredible to work at the intersection of mechanical engineering, natural resources, chemistry, architecture, and materials science.

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